Club Championship | Maitland & District Cricket Association
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Club Championship


Total Records: 22
Maitland City United Cricket Club753.00
Kurri & Weston District Cricket Club710.00
Tenambit Morpeth Cricket Club676.00
Thornton Park District Cricket Club595.00
Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club581.00
Northern Suburbs Cricket Club520.00
Port Stephens Cricket Club486.00
Western Suburbs Cricket Club - Maitland Inc472.00
Raymond Terrace Cricket Club373.00
South Maitland Railway Cricket Club353.00
Raworth Rabbitohs Cricket Club327.00
Tilligerry Cricket Club261.00
Old Victoria Cricket Club229.00
Rutherford Hotel Cricket Club228.00
Bowthorne Cricket Club218.00
Seaham Cricket Club212.00
Paterson Cricket Club205.00
Hinton Cricket Club184.00
Tarro Cricket Club156.00
Lakeside Village Cricket Club126.00
Kurri Kurri Kookaburras Cricket Club113.00
The Belmore Hotel Cricket Club108.00
Total Records: 22


Points earnt in for each team in a club (as per the current ladders) are multiplied by the weighting factors below.
The points are then added across each team in a club to give the total for that club.

1st Grade Competition5.00
2nd Grade Competition4.00
3rd Grade Competition3.00
4th Grade Competition2.00
5th Grade Competition1.00
A Grade One Day Competition5.00
B Grade One Day Competition4.00
C Grade Maitland Competition3.00
3rd Grade T200.00
4th Grade T200.00
5th Grade T200.00
4th Grade T20 Semi Finals/Finals0.00
D Grade Maitland Competition2.00
5th Grade T20 Semi Finals/Finals0.00
2nd Grade T20- Pool 10.00
2nd Grade T20- Pool 20.00
3rd Grade T20- Pool 10.00
8 team mock draw draft- NOV START (Covid)1.00
4th Grade T20- Pool 20.00
5th Grade T20- Pool 10.00
2nd Grade T20 Competition4.00
3rd Grade T20 Competition0.00
4th Grade T20 Competition0.00
Mock Draw Version 31.00
8 Team Mock Draft Draw- Semi/GF post Easter Break1.00
Mock Draw- 31st Oct Start1.00
5th Grade T20 Competition0.00
6th Grade T20 Competition0.00
7th Grade T20 Competetion0.00
2nd Grade T20 Semi Finals/Finals0.00
3rd Grade T20 Semi Finals/Finals0.00
A Grade T20 Competition5.00
B Grade T20 Competition4.00
C Grade T20 Competition3.00
D Grade T20 Competition2.00
E Grade One Day Competition1.00
E Grade T20 Competition1.00
Aust Day T20 Competition0.00
Brad Lantry Plumbing ESCC O/35's0.00